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(ISC)²® to Honor 35 People in APAC Region for Work in Cybersecurity

July 18, 2016

(ISC)2 is honoring 35 people in the APAC region for their leadership in addressing cybersecurity issues. The honorees will be publicly recognized at an upcoming ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand.

Cloud Security Resource Community host, Clearwater, Florida-based (ISC)2 is a nonprofit organization that promotes cyber security globally using a holistic, programmatic approach. It also educates the public on security issues through its charitable foundation, The Center for Cyber Safety and Education (CCSE). Vendor-neutral IT security training and certification programs are also available through the organization.

The 35 honorees for 2016 come from four different categories: Information Security Educator (new category for this year), Senior Information Security Professional, Managerial Professional for an Information Security Project, and Information Security Practitioner. These people hold positions in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

David Shearer, CEO, (ISC)² says, “It is the tenth time that we will be recognizing and celebrating the outstanding, but arduous, work done by the cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry. This year, we received many top-notch nominations from the entire Asia-Pacific region. We believe that many in the industry support the mission of Asia-Pacific ISLA to commend the great work of the heroes and heroines in this industry. I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to our Asia-Pacific Advisory Council (APAC) and all the members of this year’s Nomination Review Committee for their perseverance and hard work to continue this program into its tenth anniversary.”

A glance at the requirements to become an honoree for one of the (ISC)2 awards reveals that recipients must have substantial experience in their respective fields to even be considered. Three of the four categories require at least 10 years of experience; only Information Practitioner requires fewer, with a six-year experience requirement. Two of the four categories have the additional requirement of having at least seven years of experience in ‘cyber/ information/ software/ infrastructure security’.

(ISC)2’s efforts to promote cybersecurity are certainly worthy of praise. Cyberattacks come in many different forms and everyone is at risk in some way or another. Parents need to be educated about potential online threats to their children; while children need to be aware of whom they interact with online. Seniors are also often at risk for cyber scams. These are some of the issues that CCSE addresses through its education programs.

These educational programs do not even begin to address other cybersecurity issues. For one thing, government agencies are imposing stricter regulations on the private sector. This means that more effort must be exerted in preventing breaches and that merely treating the damage as a cost of doing business is no longer tolerated. Another troubling issue is the vulnerability of the IoT to attacks. The last thing anyone wants is to be riding in an autonomous vehicle the moment hackers take control of it.

The awards that the (ISC)2 gives out annually have to be put in perspective. In the bigger picture, the awards themselves are not as important as the message behind them: cyberattacks are a real threat that don’t just happen to someone else and have potentially devastating consequences. One can never be secure enough in such a world. 

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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