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Cycubix Offers (ISC)²® Information Security Training to Engineers Ireland

July 11, 2016

Cyber security is no simple task these days. Whatever security measures can be established, there will be those eager to attempt to break said measures. That calls for continuously evolving security measures, and organizations like Cycubix are there to help. Cycubix, which provides the insight, technologies and training essential to building secure applications that are critical to needs of the business, and is an (ISC)² Official Training Provider, has recently joined up with Engineers Ireland, and in the process, is giving Engineers Ireland members the ability to learn the best in (ISC)² methods and practices including the newly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approved (ISC)² certifications.

There's a clear dearth out there when it comes to qualified security personnel. The 2015 (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study noted that 62 percent of respondents believed their organizations didn't have sufficient numbers of security professionals overall. Twenty-six percent pointed to a more specific lack of security engineers, those who could plan and design security systems.

Just finding such personnel to begin with was the key issue for 45 percent of hiring managers looking to bring such personnel into play, as many in various organizations realized that ongoing education was the key to having the best in security personnel. This gave Cycubix a potential market to access, and thus brought its line of security solutions to Engineers Ireland.

Engineers Ireland continuing professional development (CPD) director Dee Kehoe commented “We’re delighted to work with Cycubix to supplement our core CPD program, which ensures that we provide the most relevant learning opportunities to our members to develop their knowledge and skills in the development and management of a comprehensive information security strategy. The training courses offered by Cycubix focus on the critical areas needed to develop and protect systems and data–helping engineering professionals and their employers keep pace with ever changing requirements of information security.”

Indeed, continuing development is the only way to ensure the best in security. We all know that hackers and the like are continually working to beat security that's in place already, so it stands to reason that security staff must not only know how to resist those methods, but also how to build new tools that can't be so readily broken. Without that development, eventually, hackers and the like would break through currently-established methods, run riot through systems, and eventually shut down large portions of the economy as the common user believed them unsafe.

To protect against such a dire outcome, security professionals need to be ready to respond accordingly. That means continuing training and obtaining certifications and promoting ways to bring new blood into the cyber security profession.  Such a measure as the one Cycubix and Engineers Ireland have offered is just the type of relationships that help promote those goals.  

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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