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Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Data Scientists, Web Security, Human Error

June 11, 2016

This week, the Cyber Security Trend Community had a little bit of everything for IT security professionals to consider, ranging from tips on becoming a data scientist to insights on why human error remains the number one cause of data breaches.

A good place to start is with the posting from special guest Eric Haller, Executive Vice President, Experian DataLabs who provides five interesting tips on how to become a Data Scientist. This is very timely, given that not only is there a crying need for and shortage of data scientists, on top of the shortage of certified IT security professionals in general, but also because it is an area that is exploding in terms of demand, pays well and requires unique skills.

I am recommending particularly this week the article on High-Tech Bridge’s look at web security in the first half of this year. The posting has value as an interesting snap shot in time as well as a pointer on things readers should check on in terms of your organization's preparedness. You also should check out the links at the bottom to some free tools that can allow you to easily check on where you may have troubles to address. 

TMCnet contributor Michael Guta fills in readers on what is a phishing expedition by hackers regarding the extremely popular WhatsApp messaging application.  Since this is an app used by many people on their business devices, knowing not to fall for an email telling you to download the “Gold Version” of the app, which does not exist, is something of which all IT security pros need to make themselves and their constituents aware.

It is always important given the amount of information IT security professionals need to look at and analyze to have a clue as to the origin of breaches.  As special guest, Will R. Daugherty, Counsel with BakerHostetler Privacy and Data Protection Team, notes the breaches by outsiders may make the headlines but the facts are, as confirmed this year in other reports, human error remains the culprit in most breaches

Weekend Reading
This is the weekly reminder to community members that the Cyber Security Trend home page has links to valuable resources. This includes not just the feature articles and news but also white papers and profiles for of certifications that can help you keep up with the bad guys and advance your career.  I continue to recommend two resources, the  Official (ISC)² OnDemand Training and The Rise of the Cloud Security Professional Whitepaper .  In addition our companion Cloud Security Resource site, is also a source of valuable security insights and news, including the article a few days ago about two new reports from Flashpoint on ransomware. 

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