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TMCNet:  Business Reporter - Know your enemy: five tutorials that can improve your threat intelligence and help keep attackers at bay

[July 30, 2020]

Business Reporter - Know your enemy: five tutorials that can improve your threat intelligence and help keep attackers at bay

LONDON, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With cyber-attacks increasing in volume and evolving with pace, organisations are finding it harder than ever than ever to even keep up with threats, never mind keeping them at bay. But approaching the problem from a different direction can clarify the situation and make you better prepared.

Anomali, a leading provider of intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, has produced a series of videos in association with Business Reporter, to help guide organisations through the shifting minefield of threats. The series explains how threat intelligence needs to shift from looking at each instance of attack – which can be too numerous and change too frequently – to a model that analyses the behaviours of the attackers. Automatically generated domains, for example, from which attacks can originate, can change as often as every three days. "We're spending a lot more time focused on attacker behaviours and their techniques and proedures, rather than indicators of compromise, primarily because there are too many indicators of compromise out there," according to Anomali.

But there are new ways to adapt to these new threats. By knowing what is unique about themselves, and what attackers might want from them, companies can better prepare and adapt to attacks. Banks will be at risk of fraud, for example, while a power company could be in danger of having its systems disrupted. Red-teaming, meanwhile – where an organisation employs teams to probe and stress-test its defences – can help indicate where your weak points are. One centralised method that Anomali has developed, which brings everything together, is the threat intelligence platform, or TIP – essentially a centralised base where data is collated, curated and formatted, and a place where different teams working on threats can access that information and collaborate, and then automate downstream detection and blocking.

There are many reasons why organisations should care about the safety of their information. It can reduce risk, prevent financial loss, make your security team more efficient, lower your expenses and show you where to invest in infrastructure. And good threat intelligence – essentially the business of curating information to enable you to make better decisions about how to stop bad things from happening to you – can have a hugely positive impact on that.

Learn more about what you can do and how Anomali solutions can help here.

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