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TMCNet:  Stellar Cyber Reveals Vision for Cybersecurity in 2020

[January 13, 2020]

Stellar Cyber Reveals Vision for Cybersecurity in 2020

Security provider Stellar Cyber, with the first Open-XDR security platform, today revealed its vision for cybersecurity advancements in 2020. According to Changming Liu, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Stellar Cyber, "2020 will be the year when organizations stop struggling with a dozen or more security tools and unify them under a common interface with Open-XDR platforms."

Discrete security tools like EDR, NDR and CASB create silos of visibility that make security analyst teams blind to the big picture and force manual event correlation. Open-XDR platforms unify these disparate tools under a common interface, provide holistic security posture visibility, enable correlation with machine speed rather than depending on manual labor and allow admins to respond from the same platform. Currently, Stellar Cyber offers Starlight, the only Open-XDR platform, but other companies are likely to follow suit as 'tool creep fatigue' envelops one security team after another.

Stellar Cyber's Interflow™ technology collects and fuses data from a variety of sources, builds a record of events with actionable contextual information, weeds out false positives through advanced analytics and delivers only the high-fidelity alerts through an intuitive console. Interflow records are readable, searchable and exportable so security teams can easily accelerate detection.

Moreover, Starlight can ingest data flows from other existing security systems like firewalls, EDR, SSO, or vulnerability management tools. Thanks to this open ecosystem, Starlight preserves investmens in existing security tools while bringing their data under a single intuitive interface that slashes threat-hunting time. Finally, Starlight comes with over two dozen tightly-integrated Security Apps so analysts can drill down into the sources of alerts. Apps include Network Traffic Analytics (NTA (News - Alert)), User Behavior Analytics (UBA), malware detection, threat hunting, and data streaming. These Apps and others allow analysts to create their own custom security workbenches to maximize productivity.

In 2020, the trend will be toward tighter integration of security information under a single interface, and Stellar Cyber will continue to lead the way.

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