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TMCNet:  Free Media Forum 2019: Experts Discussed the Challenges of Modern Media in Prague

[November 27, 2019]

Free Media Forum 2019: Experts Discussed the Challenges of Modern Media in Prague

PRAGUE, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At the end of November, the II Media Forum: freedom of journalism in the context of human rights, new technologies and information security was held in Prague. The three-day event was attended by more than 100 journalists, experts, political scientists from 24 countries, representing various regions of the world. The aim of the forum was to find common approaches, to bring together the positions of the expert community on a number of pressing issues in the field of modern media.

The forum was organized by the Russian journal International Affairs, the independent European platform Modern Diplomacy, as well as the Bulgarian journal International Relations.

The modern world has entered a new era of ideological multipolarity, the context of which cannot be left out of the brackets when discussing modern media, freedom and human rghts. Illusions ended in the same time with the end of "unipolarity". Among them: blind faith in democracy and liberalism. Speakers told about the inevitability of a change in the modernist paradigm, the state of social control at the current stage of history and the role of the media in the era of post-capitalism.

During the sessions "The modern world and the responsibility of journalism" and "Journalism of the post-information era, or the" golden age of misinformation" journalists, experts discussed the main problems that journalism faces today. New media and traditional media, the blogosphere and social networks, fakes and deep fakes, the dominance of the post-modern model of modern culture and its influence on the media, the destruction of memory institutions (rewriting history) – all of these became the subject of professional discussion of the participants.

On the third day experts from different countries (Czech Republic, Russia, India, Switzerland, Bulgaria, etc.) met at the session: "Information and communication technologies in the context of the media" and expressed concern that the issues of cybersecurity and the consequences of the introduction of AI in various fields, including the media, are not discussed in the international community with due seriousness and attention, which is a great threat to all of humanity. The theses voiced at the conference that "international law is not adapted to the challenges in the cyber sphere" are a call for interaction, cooperation and the development of common approaches in the field of ICT in order to maintain the security of the world.

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