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TMCNet:  Can The United States Prevent A Deadly, Large-Scale Cyber-Attack? Asks D. Greg Scott, Author of

[September 10, 2019]

Can The United States Prevent A Deadly, Large-Scale Cyber-Attack? Asks D. Greg Scott, Author of "Virus Bomb"

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  What would happen if a nation-state really did launch a serious cyber-attack against the United States, perhaps as part of something larger?

Who will step up to save us – the government, big business, maybe a team of superheroes? Or maybe a few ordinary people. Because real superheroes are ordinary people who step up when called. Even when they don't want to. A new book explores what could happen when things go deadly wrong.

D. Greg Scott, with 40 years of IT experience under his belt, including 15 years building firewalls and handling cybersecurity for dozens of organizations and thousands of people, delivers a fascinating look at what our nation could experience in the near future – unless we take steps to avoid a cyber disaster – with his newest novel, Virus Bomb (Morgan James Publishing).

So much can go wrong today – hacked files, financial theft, identity fraud, data breaches, ransomware. And then there is the big stuff.

In his book for nail-biting adrenaline junkies, Scott dissects the technological details of an all-too-familiar cyber-attak, and the all-too-familiar reaction from people who should know better. But this time, the country will pay dearly unless a few ordinary people step up. Scott hitches the imagination to a rocket as he launches the reader into the middle of a potentially devastating chain of events.

"Virus Bomb ( hits home because the real world is plagued with daily data breach headlines," asserts Scott. "And the public rarely learns the root cause behind these disasters. If we care about winning against the armies of attackers out there, we need to lift the fog around how these attacks unfold."

Drawing on real news accounts and first-hand research, which included listening to hours of cockpit recordings, interviewing law enforcement professionals, studying historical events, and learning about the practice of the Muslim faith, Scott produced an authentic novel that will scare people every time they visit a shopping mall. He combines his deep tech knowledge with a flair for action to deliver a roller-coaster ride.

Virus Bomb draws in a diverse audience of aviation enthusiasts, medical professionals, leaders in business and government, law enforcement officials, penetration testers, and everyday people. Using decades of experience in the IT industry, Scott transports the reader to the brink of the largest cyber-attack in history, where the fate of thousands rests in the hands of "Jerry," the IT guy.

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