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TMCNet:  Zoomdata Extends Leadership in Multisource Analysis with Advanced Cohort Analytics

[December 05, 2018]

Zoomdata Extends Leadership in Multisource Analysis with Advanced Cohort Analytics

SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomdata, the company reinventing BI, today announces advances in multisource analysis that enable business users to analyze data from multiple data platforms on-the-fly, without data movement or pre-defined data models.  Zoomdata allows data exploration across any combination of disparate data types -- in modern and legacy systems, in the cloud and on-premises, and combining both streaming and historical data. Zoomdata's new capabilities are especially powerful when related data sources are too big to consolidate into a single data source, are streaming live, or are too sensitive to move into curated systems because of security concerns.

"One of the most compelling aspects for big data analytics for healthcare is being able to finally move at a much more rapid pace, which can mean drugs are approved faster, knowledge from medical leaders is shared and lives are saved," said Dr. Charles Boicey MS, RN-BC, Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSense. "Zoomdata's offering is especially important as it solves one of the biggest challenges today, truly unleashing the power of BI.  It works across all platforms, giving visibility, access and real-time data streaming capabilities across disparate platforms and data types. Healthcare organizations are now able to work across networks and in a truly collaborative manner to save lives through real-time data-driven insights."

Zoomdata's new features include Keysets Analytics™ and Cross-Source Filtering, as well as extensions to Zoomdata Fusion™, which virtually consolidates disparate data sources on a common key so they appear as one. Keysets Analytics allows non-technical users to perform segmentation, cohort, top/bottom-n, cluster, and similar set analyses across modern systems where the underlying data is becoming ever bigger, faster, and more complex. Example business use cases include:

  • Precision Medicine research - The identification and analysis of patent cohorts who are utilizing a specific treatment across various sources. This analysis can then be leveraged across disparate data sources to cross-reference genomic or demographic information important to research new drug types.
  • Cybersecurity - Analysis of vulnerabilities usually means checking IP Addresses, servers, usernames, domains, etc. As we've seen with recent high-profile cyber breaches, access points are becoming more inventive. With Keysets, cybersecurity analysts can perform threat hunting regardless of how the data is stored by segmenting different assets to identify new threat vectors and better understand suspicious activity.
  • Customer Insights - Retail organizations typically have large data storage components, which represent legacy systems. Now, those can be accessed and consolidated with additional big data coming from social media, mobile devices and more to gain never-before seen insights on customers.

"Zoomdata's on-the-fly multisource analysis capabilities were developed in recognition of the 'new normal' for many enterprises: data is generated at ever-increasing rates, is stored across a variety of specialty platforms, and once landed, becomes too big, too expensive, or too risky to move," said Nick Halsey, CEO, Zoomdata. "While data platforms get heavier and more varied, Zoomdata counters that weight by reinventing an easier, lighter BI experience that allows users to freely explore and clarify relationships between data sources, enrich the data experience, and accelerate time-to-insight."

For more technical information about today's announcement and our approach to multisource analysis, please see our blog post, which details all of the new features in Zoomdata's Long Term Supported (LTS) Release 3.7, and sign up for a live product demo.

About Zoomdata
Zoomdata is reinventing business intelligence (BI) from the ground up. The company's high-performance BI engine and visualizations allow users to discover new opportunities and solve problems that are too big or too hard to solve using conventional BI tools. Zoomdata's interactive dashboards, native modern data connectors, scalable microservices architecture, and innovations such as Data Sharpening™ make it the ideal front-end for big data, live streaming data, and multi-source analysis. Founded in 2012, Zoomdata holds multiple patents related to streaming data delivery and interactivity. Zoomdata is venture-backed by Accel, Comcast Ventures, Goldman Sachs, NEA and Razor's Edge and its forward-looking global customers include Automation Anywhere, Cielo, and GlaxoSmithKline. For more information, visit

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