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TMCNet:  2 Day Summit: The Cyber Health Summit (Florida, United States - March 6-7, 2018) - Research and Markets

[January 12, 2018]

2 Day Summit: The Cyber Health Summit (Florida, United States - March 6-7, 2018) - Research and Markets

The "The Cyber Health Summit" conference has been added to's offering.

The Cyber Health Summit is the ONLY TED-Style' cyber security summit and will take place in March 2018, on Miami's beachfront. Armed with the sun and sand, we will gather industry leaders to speak, collaborate, teach, lead workshops, roundtables, panels, breakout and interactive sessions. Through this two-day summit, based in collaborative conversation and content, we will create synergistic solutions with endpoint production. We will leave inspired and empowered, armed with a new family to fight the cyberbattlefront.

There is an unprecedented vulnerability with the intersection of the cyber network and the clinical setting. Health technology companies are creating woven threads underneath the healthcare umbrella that improve patient care and provider efficiency, but it also creates a breach space with truly no benchmark. This network is expanding at an exponential rate and breach goes beyond los of revenue, clients, production and has an automatic serious nature. It effects human lives. We must look at how pharmaceutical, technology and clinical innovation, designed with little to no cybersecurity in mind, fits into the larger healthcare spectrum.

One of the primary challenges that the industry faces, is the inherent secrecy. We strive to innovate and shake industry issues to their core. Rather than fearing the future, and running corporations with outdated risk, we must shift the industry away from secrecy, toward collaboration and create a culture that values it. Empowering corporate structures to leverage insights will create a platform for attendees and speakers alike, to develop effective and proactive take home strategies.

Key Sessions Include:

  • Layers of Culture Shift
  • Think Like an Attacker
  • The Role of Cybersecurity Leadership in Healthcare
  • What Risks Are Worth Taking? Health IT Lessons Learned
  • Key Vulnerabilities of the Healthcare Ecosystem
  • Hacking Healthcare, Patching Pacemakers, and Defending Data: The Critical Condition of IoT Security in Healthcare
  • Cyberwar and Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity in Clinical Trials and Medical Imaging
  • The Information Sharing System
  • The Wisdom of the Crowd
  • A Deeper Look into Cross Compliance; the Perspective Conversation
  • AI, Social media and your Real World Persona
  • Digital Health on the Dark Web
  • Social Engineering Hackathon

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