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In 2016, ransomware use grew by 167 times year over year, according to the 2017 SonicWall Annual Threat Report. It's no longer a question of…


Once May 2018 rolls around, GDPR will take effect and force a change in how personal data is handled - for both European organizations and n…


DDoS attacks are exploding around the globe, with 73 percent of organizations admitting to having suffered a DDoS attack during the year acc…


Businesses and governments are rushing to go digital. They want to find ways to make money and grow from the merging of mobility, big data, …


Networks are evolving rapidly. The transformation to a digital business model has extended the network beyond the perimeter, which means tha…


In the early days of DDoS attacks, the motivations and techniques were very different than they are today. When the first DDoS attacks were …


MeriTalk is a public-private partnership dedicated to improving the outcomes of government IT. The company announced the result of its new r…


What image springs to mind when you think about cybercrime? Some solitary hacker lurking in a dark, dank basement lit only by displays, madl…


The World Energy Issues Monitor report states that the risk from cyber threats has increased, specifically in North America and Europe. Wher…


Sometimes a problem lies lurking in the background, silently growing in scope and severity until it erupts in devastation. After the fact, p…


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)confirms SMS is not secure for authentication.


Tripwire survey at Black Hat finds most security experts believe cyber criminals are trying to influence U.S. presidential election.


Gartner report says cyber security spending on the upswing in face of more frequent and sophisticated attacks but in selected areas.


New evasive capabilities now target our most advanced defenses and hide the bad stuff in plain sight.


Most people think that hacking happens in the dark corners of the Internet, but the reality is that popular mainstream sites are actually th…


Flaw found in Microsoft Secure Boot that highlights that encryption backdoors can be compromised.


Demisto cyberthreat playbook standard looks to make it easier to share incident response procedures.


Testing for vulnerabilities in radio frequency (RF) networks, looking at Wi-Fi, digital mobile radio (DMR), DECT and Bluetooth devices and m…


This is going to be short and sweet. Even though I write about online security, unfortunately almost around the clock given how fast and fur…


Cisco just released its 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report (MCR) that, above all else, shows that businesses are not prepared for the current…


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community featured several of the community's best minds weighing in on what to do about the increasin…


Efforts to devalue data will be the most impactful actions an organization can take to reduce the number, scope and impact of breaches.


If brute force attacks are being automated to try millions of passwords in seconds, we need to combat this by also automating password rotat…


It's no wonder CISOs and security teams are getting better and better at their jobs but sometimes question if their efficiency is missing th…


Initiative of industry heavyweights aims to put a damper on companies being held hostage by online bad guys.


How to stop HummingBad malware which is generating over $300,000 per month for the organization behind it.


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community featured more advice on steps that can be taken to increase one's security posture from atta…


How organizations can protect themselves from growing and potentially crippling menace of large numbers of Android devices with C&C enabled.


Organizations, in addition to alerts from security detection appliances, need automated tools that can correlate information from multiple s…


The word tokenization is being used far too broadly to describe a variety of payment security methods that perform different functions.


(ISC)² will recognize 35 honorees and announce four showcased workforce initiatives, at July 26, 2016 ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community featured some interesting advice on several fronts for skilled IT security professionals to …


Using observable behavioral biometrics gathers data that cannot be spoofed helps to prevent fraud.


Engineers Ireland members now will have access to (ISC)² training and certifications through Cycubix.


While prevention, detection and response are essential components of a security program; they don't completely address today's threat landsc…


Following industry best practices will help organizations ensure that they have a thorough process to create fully compliant products.


Cyber security is something we all need and can benefit from. Whether you are safeguarding your personal laptop or work computer, having tho…


Steps to be taken to secure databases in order to mitigate the increase of database breaches.


Perimeter defenses can protect against exfiltrations, but they don't address the structural vulnerabilities that ransomware readily exploits…


Chairman, HIMSS Identity Management Task Force calls for mandates on multi-factor authentication to protect medical records.


An experiment conducted by Bitglass reveals MDMs can expose the personal data of users for possible abuse.


Michael Shaulov, Head of Mobility for Check Point explores a dangerous tool that cybercriminals can use against mobile devices, and how to p…


Even security-savvy developers are turning to security providers to give them the encryption and data protection technologies they need.


Report from Return Path shows that the average large company spends more than $3.7 million every year dealing with email-based phishing atta…


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community featured a series of items of concern for skilled IT security professionals to consider. Top…


User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is the great new hope in IT security. It has potential to uncover "unknown unknowns" by catching those attacks…


The new Huawei report, The Global Cyber Security Challenge-It is time for real progress in addressing supply chain risks, looks at the best …


JFrog showcases Xray solution, a pre-production software visibility tool at DockerCon, address the security concerns of using container tech…


Growth of FIDO Alliance certified solutions, which now includes Bluetooth,indicates what could be end of passwords for authentication.


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community featured a series of items of concern for skilled IT security professionals to consider. Top…


Juniper Research points to cybercriminals targeting of mobile giving security pros opportunity to help improve their organization's security…


RiskAnalytics finds an extensive fast flux network, Zbot, is as sophisticated as any commercial-grade cloud network.


Putting NSA recommendations into practice to secure networks from prying eyes isn't hard, but takes persistence.


The new SCADAShield 5.0 by CYBERBIT provides advanced security and operational continuity.


This week, the Cyber Security Trend Community had a little bit of everything for IT security professionals to consider, ranging from tips on…


Five tips on how to become a data scientist, a career where currently demand outweighs the supply.


It is an interesting snap shot in time as well as a pointer on things readers should check on in terms of your organization's preparedness. …


Hackers continue their assault on WhatsApp users with fake "Gold Version" link.


BakerHostetler 2016 Data Security Incident Response Report identified human error as the leading cause of incidents.


This week in the Cyber Security Trend Community is a good example of the broad expanse of subjects readers need to not only be aware of but …


As members of the Cyber Security Trend Community are in many instances painfully aware, a host of activities performed in security operation…


If we get private keys under control, we are inherently safer. This may seem logical, but may actually be a misguided ambition.


The European Union's General Data Protection Regulations means all companies should be thinking about their data privacy and data protection…


In the mobile world ransomware targets Android devices almost exclusively and three families with different ways of working have been identi…


One of the great myths that the Cyber Security Trend Community debunks is the old saying that any news is good publicity. Clearly that can't…


It should be noted that (ISC)² members are eligible for special discounted pricing and will be able to attend any of the ASIS events, includ…


Despite being under increasing attack, UK IT departments say funding and lack of skilled pros are holding them back from improving security …


MeriTalk survey of federal IT decision makers found 79 percent frustrated with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAM…


Infoblox survey shows that maintaining high levels of network security directly correlates with positive business outcomes.


The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) has singled out 11 distinct fraud types that impact messaging throughout the world to raise awareness and c…


Unfortunately as the headlines screamed all week from LinkedIn revealing the extent to which it had been compromised and a host of other hig…


The Ponemon Institute Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data paints bleak picture.


Attackers no longer have to breach the castle wall. Data-threat actors now target an organization's employees and customers directly.


The state of the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market and parameters to consider before selecting a SIEM solution.


ApacheCon North America, MIRACL, NTT Innovation Institute Inc., and NTT Labs contribute security and authentication code to Apache Milagro.

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